Friday, December 24, 2010

My 3 year olds new bike

Had one of my buddies stripe it after I painted it flat black. Way better than the mickey-d paint job it had before.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jeremy Powers aka Jpow Behind the barriers

If you haven't watched these videos you are missing out. Jeremy Powers is pro cyclocross/road racer and these videos follow his life and the members on his team (Tim Johnson, Jamie Driscoll and other pro riders). Click on the vimeo link to go to his video page to watch the other 9.

"Behind The Barriers" Episode 10 from Behind The Barriers on Vimeo.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Interbike 2010 Part 2

Here are the rest of the pictures from the show, enjoy.

Brandon Semenuk's Slopestyle bike: If you don't know who Brandon Semenuk is watch THIS The dude rips!

Steve Peats Carbon Santa Cruz V-10 fresh off the mountain. This thing is just nasty.

Rock Shox's entry into the adjustable post market, The Reverb:

 Cannondales new team bike, these things are fast! More on these for the cross vegas post:

Lance's Unity bike, really nice paint job:

The new Rapha Focus team bike, its hard to tell but the cable spacers on the top tube are multicolored to match their new kits (next post)

Shimano DI2 Titus titanium bike. 16 lbs of hotness. They re-wired the DI2 system so that it automatically shifts the front derailleur depending on where you are in the cassette so there is only 2 buttons, up and down. If you start to cross chain it shifts up and down for you to get the opitmal gear. He let me cycle through the gears and try it out. Very cool, the shimano engineers were right next to me taking notes and pictures as they are working on a MTB version. In the next year or two expect an Electric MTB group:

Some rad Sunday BMX bikes, the orange just popped:

The paint job on this was awesome, he was running a reba XC up front for a very light weight 4x bike.

Jens Voigt and I, the hardest man in cycling. This guy is a stud all around.

Some Time Roadie hotness, the new paint jobs were awesome:

Katie Comptons new Stevens Colorway. Stars and Stripes for the US champ (more on her in later posts)

Some nice colorways in the Merckx booth:

I love Ti and if you love Ti you can't help but drool over Moots bike offerings Here is the new 29er and a pink accessorized cross bike:

Very colorful Look, check out their new stem:

Intense had a few of their M9's done up right with Formula car inspired paint jobs:

The bike on the top of my list for my next bike, The Intense Tracer 29er, 5.5" of big wheeled fun, this one is speced with the very nice Crank Bro's wheels and the new 10 speed XTR from Shimano:

My buddy Tyler put a lot of time and effort for the Twenty6 bike this year. Everything was custom painted on this very hot works blue Intense 951. Twenty6 makes some super nice freeride and DH goodies:

The raw finish Santa Cruz Stigmata, half of my cycling team runs the Stigmata and they love it, I will also be riding one this year thanks to a very generous friend who is letting me borrow his frame.:
 The new Maxxis Beaver 29er tire:

The new Maxxis 29er tire, the Icon, it looks like a Kenda Small Block but the lugs are spaced out more, looks like a great, fast tire.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Interbike 2010 Part 1

Just got back from a quick trip to Interbike 2010 in sunny Las Vegas. There was a lot of really cool bikes, goodies and lots of nice people. I will divide all the pics into a few sections.
1-Triathlon Goodies
2-MTB and everything else.
2-Cross Vegas
Now on to some hotness:

Louis Garneau's new aero helmet, The Vorttice :

 It may be hard to tell but this bike is tiny, 42cm range, perfect for the up and coming little girl triathlete:

 Louie G's Tri bike:

 Team Sky's new Pinarello TT machine, this bike is gorgeous!:

Avia is famous for its out of the ordinary paint jobs and this bike did not disappoint:

 Quintana Roo has been in the Tri game for a long time and a lot of people thought they were stagnant in the tri game for awhile. Last years CD.O and this new prototype (Project Illicito) shows they are not sitting still. Also check out's review for more pics.

 Here are a few pictures of the new colorways for the CD.O, notice the pink camo on the pic on the background which is the new womens version.

 Focus TT bike:

TRP's super sexy aero brake set up, the TTV:

 Blue Competition Cycles new Triad SL, the color is a see-through blue clear coat over the black carbon. So sexy up close you could stare at it for hours! Much better than last years ugly pink/peach colorway:

Look's TT bike, I love this bike, it has such an aggressive look to it:

 Lapierre's custom paint job on their TT frame. One fierce bird:

Prologo's Evo Tri 40 seats, love the way these look and the addition of the non slip grippers look great to keep you from slipping all over the front of the seat while in the aero position: